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Tour Operator: Prime Tours . 2 hours Travel method:   Walking Region / Starts from: Vienna

Vienna Food Tour @ Naschmarkt (German)

Dive into the culinary diversity of international cuisine with Peter!


Approximately 2 hours


On this Food Tour in Vienna @ Naschmarkt, the most famous market in the city! You will dive into various cultures and their way how to present, cook, and taste food. Your Local Guide will take you to a world rich with scents, colors, flavor, and of course the history behind it. The word “naschen” means tasting and “Markt”, means market, so this is the so-called “Tasting Market”, therefore you will have the chance to taste at the various stalls. Be ready for olives from Greece or Spain, cheese from Switzerland, curry from India, pepper from Brasil, or Salami from Italy.


  • 4 delicious local specialties
  • Food loving guide
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Meeting point

U4 metro station exit “Kettenbrückengasse”

Wien, 1050, Wien
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Willkommen zu Ihrer Vienna Naschmarket Food Tour!

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09:30 (ENG)

14:00 (DE)

Sie treffen Ihren Guide an der U4 (grüne Linie) U-Bahn Station Ausgang "Kettenbrückengasse"

09:00 (DE)

14:30 (ENG)

Sie treffen Ihren Guide vor dem Marktamt, das sich GEGENÜBER der U-Bahn-Station "Kettenbrückengasse" (U4, grüne Linie) befindet. Genießen Sie die Tour!

Bitte um rechtzeitiges Erscheinen, am besten 5-10 Minuten vor Beginn der Tour :)

Viel Spaß!